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What we do

Why National Instruments?

National Instruments is a pioneer in technology and the world leader in Virtual Instrumentation - a revolutionary concept that has changed the way engineers and industrial scientists, governmental and academic organizations conceive automation and acquisition of measurements.

Making the most of computers and available technologies, virtual instrumentation increases productivity and reduces costs in testing, control and design applications; partly thanks to software such as LabVIEW and, on the other hand, modular instruments, as well as control materials (PXI, PCI, PCI Express, USB, Ethernet, Wireless, etc.).

Last year, 25,000 companies in more than 90 countries invested in more than 6 million acquisition channels based on National Instruments technologies.

Realization package

Based on your requirements, we write a specification document and design the project model. Once they have been validated, we commit to finalize your project in our offices, ensuring the operation and delivery on site.

Agile development

Based on your requirements, we are commit to work on your project for a predetermined number of days, either in our offices or on site.

Startup assistance

We help you to start your project on the right foot. In one, two or three days we will work with your team to structure the architecture of the project. Ideal not to delay the start of a project and eliminate possible technical problems in the future.

Documentation and Technical translations

We can make user's manuals, and/or programmer's for all the applications that we have developed or analyzed.

We can also translate technical documents into French, English and Spanish.

Training and Technical support

To meet your needs, we offer specific training for your teams to ensure the success of your projects.

We can also help you remotely or on site with your projects. Do not waste time on your developments!

Feasibility studies

We carry out complete studies on the design of measurement and control systems based on your needs.

We are committed to provide you with a solution that corresponds to your project.

Primera consulta y Cotización


Estudio de Factibilidad

250€ / medio día*

Análisis de Código

350€ / día*

Documentación Técnica

500€ / día*


1000€ HT / día* (ejemplo para 5 personas)

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Asistencia de puesta en marcha

650€ / día* (3 días máximo)

Paquete de réalización

650€ / dia*

Desarrollo Ágil

500€ / día*

Soporte Técnico

500€ / día*

Traducción Técnica

400€ / día*

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* Price excluding tax

Eligible au Droit Individuel à la Formation (D.I.F.)

Enregistré sous le numéro 52 44 06627 44.

(Cet enregistrement ne vaut pas agrément de l'Etat.)

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About us

At Phalanx we are a team of architects and software programmers for test benches.

We support you in your measurement and automation R&D projects.

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